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RBC Proposal Form and Instructions

2016 Aggregate Property/Casualty RBC Results

Additional Property RBC Guidance

Year-end 2009 Property RBC additional deferred tax asset sensitivity test Excel spreadsheet. The spreadsheet would be used for any state that requests a hard copy version or e-mail version of the additional disclosure of the effect the admission of the additional deferred tax has on the RBC calculation.

PR026 DTA Sensitivity Spreadsheet

Optional year-end 2009 additional guidance for Property RBC page PR013 Miscellaneous Off-Balance Sheet Items regarding the Federal Reserve's Term Asset Loan Facility (TALF) adopted at the 11/3/2009 conference call of the Capital Adequacy (E) Task Force:

PR013 TALF Guidance

Property and Casualty Risk-Based Capital Newsletter

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Property and Casualty Risk-Based Capital (E) Working Group


See Capital Adequacy (E) Task Force for annual charges.

The following Subgroup reports to the Property and Casualty Risk-Based Capital (E) Working Group:

Guideline for 2016/2017 R3 Charge on Schedule F, Part 3 Aggregate Lines

As a result of the adoption of the PR012A methodology by the Property and Casualty Risk-Based Capital Working Group, a reporting entity will apply different factors on reinsurance recoverable based on an individual reinsurer’s Equivalent Rating and collateral offsets. However, the reporting entity will not be able to identify the Equivalent Rating of the reinsurers with less than $100,000 recoverable as those recoverable will be aggregated under the designated category and the line number in the current Annual Statement Schedule F.

During the November 10, 2016 Property and Casualty Risk-Based Capital Working Group conference call, the Working Group agreed to the following approach to temporarily address this issue:

Any reinsurance recoverable reported in Annual Statement, Schedule F, Part 3 under the aggregate line (under $100,000) will be assigned to uncollateralized Unrated Authorized Reinsurers (PR012A C19 L17).