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The Producer Licensing (EX) Working Group continues to monitor compliance with the uniform licensing standards. The Working Group was presented with two charges specific to uniformity for 2016.

  1. Monitor the implementation of the Uniform Licensing Standards for best practices in examination development and delivery of education materials for pre-licensing education to ensure the timely review and updates of exam materials to test the qualifications for an entry-level position as a producer.—Essential
  2. Monitor and assess the state implementation of the Uniform Licensing Standards and update the standards, as needed.—Essential


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The Working Group adopted the Revised – Uniform Licensing Standard in 2011.  The ULS were fully adopted by the Producer Licensing (EX) Task Force and then the Executive Committee during the NAIC Fall 2011 National Meeting.


Limited Lines: The Working Group discussed the limited lines charge during the 2010 Summer National Meeting. The Working Group adopted a motion for the crop limited lines license requirements and a separate motion for the limited lines travel insurance standards. The Crop and Travel limited lines were then adopted by the Producer Licensing Task Force and the Executive Committee.

The working group was asked to review the full adoption, and uniform interpretation, of the commercial lines multi-state exemption and the commission sharing exemption across all states and provide further guidance. The attached document shows the recommendations provided.  The document was fully adopted by the NAIC in 2008.

NAIC Producer Licensing Assessment Report:

The working group was asked to review the compliance with uniform licensing standards and identify those standards that are not generally supported by the local industry organizations at the state legislative level as well as the specific issues associated with non-support. The attached document shows the recommendations provided.  The document was fully adopted by the NAIC in 2008

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