Uniform Education (EX) Subgroup
Monday, December 5, 2016
10am Alaska / 11am Pacific / 12pm Mountain /1pm Central /2pm Eastern


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Fall National Meeting
Producer Licensing (EX) Working Group
Saturday, December 10, 2016
8:30 – 9:30 a.m. EST
Fontainebleau Miami - Glimmer 5- Level 4


NAIC CE Classroom Course Recommendation
(Adopted by PLWG on May 16, 2016)


State Licensing Handbook
Adjuster Licensing
Producer Licensing Refrence Materials


Information regarding resident and non-resident requirements for individual states accepting paper licensing for the Uniform Licensing Applications are available on the NAIC Paper Licensing Map

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Producer Licensing (EX) Working Group


The mission of the Producer Licensing (EX) Task Force isto: 1) develop and implement uniform standards, interpretations and treatment of producer and adjuster licensees and licensing terminology; 2) monitor and respond to developments related to licensing reciprocity; 3) coordinate with industry and consumer groups regarding priorities for licensing reforms; and 4) provide direction based on NAIC membership initiatives to the NIPR Board of Directors regarding the development and implementation of uniform producer licensing initiatives, with a primary emphasis on encouraging the use of electronic technology.

The Producer Licensing (EX) Working Group supports:


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2016 Charges

  1. The Producer Licensing (EX) Working Group will:
    1. Monitor the implementation of the Uniform Licensing Standards for best practices in examination development and delivery of education materials for pre-licensing education to ensure the timely review and updates of exam materials to test the qualifications for an entry-level position as a producer.—Essential
    2. Continue to provide oversight and ongoing updates, as needed, to the State Licensing Handbook.Essential
    3. Provide updated reciprocity guidelines and ongoing maintenance and review of uniform application forms for continuing education providers and the state review and approval of courses.—Important
    4. Coordinate through NAIC staff and provide guidance to NIPR on producer licensing-related electronic initiatives, such as email address and phone number changes.—Essential
    5. Coordinate with NAIC parent committees, task forces and/or working groups to review and provide recommendations on any new producer training requirements or continuing education requirements that are included in NAIC model acts, regulations and/or standards.—Essential
    6. Monitor state implementation of adjuster licensing reciprocity and develop minimum adjuster licensing standards to ensure appropriate consumer protections are in place with the implementation of the use of “designated home state.”—Essential
    7. Monitor and assess the state implementation of the Uniform Licensing Standards and update the standards, as needed.—Essential
    8. Review and update, as needed, the NAIC’s uniform producer and adjuster licensing applications and uniform appointment form.—Essential
    9. Coordinate with the Market Information Systems (D) Task Force and the Antifraud (D) Task Force to evaluate and make recommendations regarding the entry, retention and use of data in the NAIC’s Market Information Systems.