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International Solvency and Accounting Standards (E)
Working Group
Financial Condition (E) Committee
Solvency Modernization Initiative (E) Task Force

2014 Charges

  • Assist the Committee with the Statutory Accounting and Financial Reporting focus area in the Solvency Modernization Initiative.—Important

  • Critically review and provide input and drafting to the IAIS Insurance Contracts Subcommittee; IAIS Solvency and Actuarial Issues Subcommittee; and on IAIS papers as assigned by the parent Committee. From this work, identify future initiatives to improve the U.S. regulatory solvency system.—Important

  • Analyze other financial supervisory modernization initiatives, to the extent appropriate. Analysis should include the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) accounting standards development.—Important

  • Monitor and provide comments directly or to the IAIS on the IASB developments and on the IASB and Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) joint convergence projects related to insurance accounting issues. Coordinate with the Statutory Accounting Principles (E) Working Group to provide responses to the FASB on joint projects; and report findings relative to these developing issues to the Accounting Practices and Procedures (E) Task Force.—Important

  • In consultation with the Statutory Accounting Principles (E) Working Group, monitor international and national accounting standards development and Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) policy decisions and develop a recommendation to the NAIC membership regarding the future of U.S. statutory accounting.—Essential


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Risk Margins Memo

IAIS & IASB Insurance Contracts

  1. IAIS Second Liabilities Paper - final
  2. IASB Fair Value: Issues
  3. IASB Fair Value: SFAS 157
  4. Discussion Paper: Preliminary Views on Insurance Contracts Part 1
  5. Discussion Paper: Preliminary Views on Insurance Contracts Part 2 - Appendices
  6. Tentative Positions on IASB Phase II Insurance Contracts
  7. IAIS Comments on IAIS Phase II Insurance Contracts as of Dec. 4, 2007
  8. IAIS Comments on Insurance Contracts ED
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