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Own Risk and Solvency Assessment (ORSA) (E) Subgroup
Financial Condition (E) Committee

2014 Charges:

The Own Risk and Solvency Assessment (ORSA) (E) Subgroup will:

  • Conduct an ORSA Feedback Pilot Project in 2014 with undisclosed insurers/groups which voluntarily submit an ORSA Summary Report for regulatory review. The purpose of the project is to continue to increase regulators’ knowledge and understanding of the ORSA Summary Reports, to continue to enhance regulatory guidance on the same and to continue to provide high level (non-company-specific) feedback to the industry prior to the actual filing of ORSA Summary Reports.—Essential
  • Begin the development of regulator guidance for states’ use of the ORSA Summary Report in financial analysis and examination.Essential
  • Begin to develop an enterprise risk management (ERM) education program for regulators that is designed to maximize the benefit of such training for the ORSA 2015 effective date.—Important

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2014 ORSA Pilot Project Invitation
2013 Report on ORSA Pilot Project
2012-2013 ORSA Pilot Feedback
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