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Surplus Lines Financial Analysis Working Group
Financial Condition (E) Committee

The Surplus Lines Financial Analysis Working Group operates in Executive Session. The authority of the working group is limited to that of an advisory body, with a goal of formulating recommendations to the Chairs of the Surplus Lines (C) Task Force and Financial Condition (E) Committee for the appropriate regulatory response. Issues upon which the Surplus Lines Financial Analysis (E) Working Group may formulate a recommendation might include, but are not limited to, approval or disapproval of applicants to the Quarterly Listing, delisting of listed insurers, changes to trust fund requirements, or placement of limitations or restrictions on a listed insurer's business activity in the United States.

2016 Charges:

  1. Provide NAIC/International Insurers Department (IID) financial staff guidance and expertise relative to regulatory policy and practices with respect to individual companies and Lloyd’s syndicates that are either listed on or seeking admission to the Quarterly Listing of Alien Insurers. —Essential and Ongoing

  2. Refer suggestions to the IID Plan of Operation (C) Review Group regarding the IID Plan of Operation and its requirements relating to standards for inclusion on the Quarterly Listing of Alien Insurers. Additionally, refer suggestions for improvements for the IID annual reporting standards and forms.—Essential
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The Working Group meets in a regulator-only executive session pursuant to the NAIC Open Meetings policy item #3 because it is a discussion of specific companies or entities.

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