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International Insurance Relations (G) Committee

The following task forces and working groups report to the International Insurance Relations (G) Committee:

2014 Charges 

The mission of the International Insurance Relations (G) Committee is to strengthen the international insurance regulatory system and provide a forum for cooperative efforts between the NAIC, international regulators and multinational associations of regulators on issues of mutual interest. The Committee also provides support to the federal government, including the Federal Insurance Office (FIO), on insurance-related international trade issues.

Ongoing Support of NAIC Programs, Products or Services:

  1. Develop NAIC policy and participate in the work of the International Association of Insurance Supervisors (IAIS) through its relevant committees, subcommittees and other working parties. Enhance transparency at the IAIS; facilitate the drafting and commenting on papers that hold a common topical interest, including solvency, accounting, reinsurance, group supervision, market conduct, corporate governance and other aspects of regulation of the business of insurance; and contribute to implementation-related activities. Attend the IAIS annual conference and interim meetings and present relevant topics at regional training programs.

  2. Participate in the Joint Forum and monitor and contribute, where appropriate, to the Financial Stability Board (FSB) and the Group of Twenty Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors (G-20) by coordinating with U.S. financial regulators, by attending meetings to represent the views of U.S. state insurance regulators in discussions of issues of significance to the state insurance regulators, and by developing NAIC policy and commenting on guidance and principles papers of common interest.—Essential

  3. Appoint the International Regulatory Cooperation (G) Working Group to strengthen international regulatory systems by interacting with international regulators; reviewing proposed laws and regulations for insurance supervisors in countries changing their regulatory structure and those with emerging economies; conducting an International Fellows Program and educational (technical assistance) seminars to provide an understanding of the U.S. state-based system of insurance regulation; and establishing fellowship opportunities between U.S. and foreign insurance regulatory bodies. In furtherance of this objective, regularly consult with insurance supervisors from other jurisdictions. Communicate regularly and establish working relationships with the U.S. government, the private sector and international organizations to coordinate efforts whenever possible to provide more efficient and effective technical assistance.—Essential

  4. Monitor the insurance aspects associated with the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Coordinate state efforts to assist in achieving U.S. trade objectives through participation in the NAFTA Trilateral Insurance Working Group and the NAFTA Financial Services Committee; and through insurance training programs and ongoing research of the laws and regulations of Canada, Mexico and the U.S., work toward increased harmonization and uniformity and the creation of a seamless market.—Essential

  5. Monitor discussions by the Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) regarding multi-lateral trade agreements through the World Trade Organization—including the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS)—and regional and bilateral trade negotiations by participating in dialogues and information exchanges; attending meetings with appropriate federal representatives; and reviewing and commenting on documents generated through trade discussions. Also, assist the USTR, the U.S. Department of Commerce, the U.S. Department of the Treasury (including the FIO) and other U.S. officials, as requested, by responding to requests for information; and engage in implementation efforts under existing trade agreements. Review the remaining GATS reservations in light of regulatory modernization efforts to assist the USTR with fruitful negotiations.—Essential

  6. Participate in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Insurance and Private Pensions Committee and subcommittee meetings, held in summer and winter at the invitation of the U.S. government, by attending meetings; drafting and commenting on insurance-related papers; acting as a coordinating body in the completion of statistical questionnaires; and presenting the U.S. state-based system of insurance regulation.—Essential

  7. Maintain regular prudential dialogues with non-U.S. insurance supervisors to address issues of mutual concern and to educate each other about our regulatory systems; discuss domestic regulatory issues; coordinate involvement in international forums, such as the IAIS, OECD, Joint Forum and FSB; explore ways of achieving convergence of insurance supervision; and facilitate the exchange of information among regulators to enhance domestic regulation.—Essential

  8. Continue to develop a comprehensive response to, and coordinate appropriate follow-up on, the recommendations in the International Monetary Fund/World Bank Financial Sector Assessment Program (FSAP) Detailed Assessment Report, including the referral of specific issues for consideration by other NAIC committees, task forces and/or working groups.—Essential

    NAIC - Support Staff: Eric Thompson, Ryan Workman, Ekrem Sarper and Gita Timmerman.

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International Insurance Relations (G) Committee
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Monday, December 15, 2014
4:00 pm – 5:00 pm (ET)

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