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“I had worked at the Kansas Insurance Department for about one year when I found the NAIC Designation Program. Because I was new to the regulation of insurance, I quickly enrolled in the APIR Designation courses and began my journey through the NAIC classes. I really enjoyed the online course atmosphere and one of the highlights for me was being able to actively discuss the coursework with other regulators across the country taking the same class. I completed the PIR Designation and look forward to starting the SPIR coursework this year. Thank you to the NAIC for offering a respected and trusted Designation Program as well as to Commissioner Selzer for his support in his staff’s education endeavors.”

LeAnn Crow
Kansas Insurance Department

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The NAIC Insurance Regulator Professional Designation PrograM

NAIC's Insurance Regulator Professional Designation Program

"As Florida's Insurance Commissioner, I have seen the merits of the NAIC's Insurance Regulator Professional Designation Program through my team of employees and own personal experience as a designee. Since the program's inception, 63 of our employees have been awarded the Associate Professional in Insurance Regulation (APIR), 19 have received the Professional in Insurance Regulation (PIR), and two have received the Senior Professional in Insurance Regulation (SPIR). We are also very proud to note that one of our employees, Steve Szypula, was the first regulator in the U.S. to earn the SPIR designation. The program provides insurance regulators at all levels an opportunity to increase their knowledge of the regulatory process. The NAIC has given insurance departments a valuable tool in the continuing education of our employees and we will continue to encourage their participation in this program."

Commissioner David Altmaier, Florida Office of Insurance Regulation


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The Program

Welcome to the NAIC’s Professional Designation Program! Designed to provide state insurance regulators at all staff levels with an opportunity for professional growth through completion of specific educational requirements, the NAIC-sponsored professional designation will recognize your expertise in insurance regulation. Three levels of designations are available: Associate Professional in Insurance Regulation (APIR), Professional in Insurance Regulation (PIR), and Senior Professional in Insurance Regulation (SPIR). Download the Policies and Procedures to learn more.

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Laura Cali"I am excited about NAIC's Insurance Regulator Professional Designation Program and the great potential it has to support states' efforts to develop future generations of regulators and regulatory leaders. The design of the program fosters growth at all stages of a regulator's career, from their initial months as a state insurance department employee all the way through their advancement to new levels of responsibility - or wherever their career in insurance regulation takes them.

There is a lot for new commissioners and their teams to discover about NAIC’s Designation Program, whether they are looking for a solid way in which to on-board staff, or a way to bolster their department’s skills in anticipation of regulatory changes ahead. I encourage regulators to learn more about the program and get involved. It’s a great resource for all of us.”

Laura Cali Robison
Oregon Insurance Commissioner and NAIC Designation Advisory Board Chair