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NAIC Summer 2016 National Meeting
August 26-29, 2016
San Diego, CA
More information coming soon
Insurance Summit
May 16-20, 2016
Kansas City, MO
2016 NAIC International Insurance Forum May 19-20, 2016
Washington, D.C.
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Insurance Consumer guidesNAIC Consumer Guides:
RJ Mitte — star of the hit television series "Breaking Bad" — is back at the breakfast table. After living through a series of his own "bad breaks," he has partnered with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) on a series of videos to help educate fellow millennials about the importance of insurance education.
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Additionally, RJ shares a few resources he found especially helpful:

#InsureThis: Easy-to-grasp insurance tips that young adults can study and share in social media.

  Get Ready ResourcesGet Ready Resources Help Avoid Costly Surprises

These new resource kits help consumers considering a major life event get smart about the insurance implications before a crisis occurs.


RJ acknowledges it can be difficult to convince fellow young adults to make insurance education a priority.

RJ's Bad Breaks: Auto Accidents Aplenty

Additional Consumer Resources

Go to your state insurance department for insurance-related questions and concerns specific to you and your state.

Find out how you can participate in NAIC activities. Qualified individuals can participate either as funded or unfunded consumer representatives.
The Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangement (MEWA) Contacts is a list of state insurance department officials who can help you determine whether an entity is legitimately licensed in your state.