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Market Regulation and Consumer Affairs

The Market Regulation Department supports state regulators in fulfilling their responsibility to protect the interests of insurance consumers by helping coordinate state market regulatory functions such as consumer assistance, market analysis, producer licensing, and regulatory interventions. As part of this effort, the Market Regulation Department provides support to the NAIC's Market Regulation & Consumer Affairs (D) Committee, Producer Licensing (EX) Task Force, Market Regulation Accreditation (EX) Task Force, and Multi-state Enforcement (EX) Task Force.

Consumer Information

Insurance Issues for Military Servicemembers

Consumer Information Source
Search for company information or file a complaint

Online Fraud Reporting System
Report Suspected Insurance Fraud

Consumer Participation
Participation in NAIC meetings as a funded or un funded consumer representative

See the NAIC Consumer page for information specific to Auto, Life, Homeowners and Health Insurance.

Market Regulation Contacts
Tim Mullen
Director, Market Regulation
Market Regulation and Consumer Affairs Committee, Producer Licensing (EX) Task Force, Retained Asset Accounts (A/D) Working Group 
Lois Alexander
Market Regulation Manager
Complaint Issues Working Group, Consumer Participation Board of Trustees, Funded and Unfunded Consumer Representative Program, NAIC/Consumer Liaison Committee, CIS

Randy Helder
Market Analysis Manager
Market Analysis, Market Analysis Procedures Working Group, Market Conduct Annual Statement

Tressa E. Smith
Senior Market Analyst
Market Analysis, Market Conduct Annual Statement

Petra Wallace
Market Regulation Specialist II
Market Conduct Examination Standards Working Group, Market Regulation Handbook, Military Service Member Policyholder Search Tool
Greg Welker
Market Regulation Specialist II
Producer Licensing Working Group, Consumer Connections Working Group

Paul Santillanes
Market Regulation Trainer
Market Regulation Training

Jon W. Borcherding
Market Data Reporting Analyst
Market Conduct Annual Statement