Please Note: In addition to the mobile app, the NAIC now provides a mobile friendly sortable agenda. The following is an interactive program agenda including agendas, materials and summaries as they become available. Use the sort buttons or search field to quickly find any national meeting session; click the plus ("+") to expand the agenda and view or print all meeting times and locations. Also in the expanded content area, if you wish to view the group's page, simply click on "Visit Group/'s Committee & Activity Page" and be taken to its Committees & Activities page. When Printing: Only the expanded listings showing meeting time and location will print. To print all meetings, click the Expand All button before printing.

Remember—Advance materials available on this page may be in draft format and will be finalized no later than one hour prior to the start of a group's meeting. Visit this page before you leave for a group's meeting to ensure you have the most current information.


If you are unable to locate the information you are looking for, please e-mail and we will be happy to help.

Please note: areas in the hotel without Wi-Fi access, will prevent you from accessing the hyperlink. If your device allows, selected PDF(s) may be moved onto your device (i.e., iBooks) for easy retrieval where Wi-Fi access may not be available.