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NAIC Activities & State Insurance Departments

All of the below publications are available as electronic files to purchase and download. Shop now!

Compilation of Minutes
A predecessor to the Proceedings of the NAIC, the Compilation provides an in-depth summary of the respective NAIC national meeting. It contains all minutes and attachments for every committee, task force and working group meeting. This publication is no longer being produced. It was last published in 2004.

CMP-ZS Individual Quarterly Update $75.00  
  Individual Committee or Task Force Minutes (Print) $25.00  

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Insurance Department Directory
This directory contains a complete listing of the 56 insurance departments that are members of the NAIC. The directory provides biographical and contact information for each regulator, as well as important information about key personnel, including titles, telephone numbers, Web sites and e-mail addresses. Print copies are available in full size or mini-version (4.25" x 5.5"). Updated bi-annually.

INS-OU Insurance Department Directory $100.00* $110.00**
INS-OUS Insurance Department Mini Directory $85.00* $95.00**

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Insurance Department Resources Report
The Insurance Department Resources Report provides key statistics on the resources and regulatory activities of the 56 NAIC-member jurisdictions. Comparative reports include a variety of information — including number of departmental staff, annual budgets, revenues collected, premium volume, number of insurers and producers, and number of consumer complaints filed. Data displayed for easy reference and comparison. Updated annually.

STA-BB Insurance Department Resources Report
View Table of Contents
$250.00* $275.00**

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This publication is the NAIC's official monthly newsletter for insurance regulators, professionals and concerned consumers. It provides a brief summary of current insurance regulatory activity and special events, including model-legislation reports, NAIC meeting news, educational classes and salient federal issues and actions. This publication is no longer being produced. It was last published in April 2007.

NEW-ZS NAIC News Individual Issues $25.00  

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National Meeting Minutes
Includes all minutes and attachments from every committee, task force and working group meeting at each NAIC national meeting. Provides premier research capabilities. Each parent committee packet is sold separately for ease of use. Electronic only. Published following each national meeting.


Minutes – Jt. Executive (EX) Committee/Plenary


Minutes – Executive (EX) Committee


Minutes – Information Systems (EX1) Task Force


Minutes – A Committee


Minutes – B Committee


Minutes – C Committee


Minutes – D Committee


Minutes – E Committee


Minutes – F Committee


Minutes – G Committee


Minutes – Liaison Committees


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The Preview offers an overview of each NAIC national meeting. Please Note: Please Note: This publication was not produced between second quarter 2006 and second quarter 2008 -- and is now available at no charge. To view the current Preview, please visit the Meeting Page page on the NAIC Web site.

AGN-ZS Preview Individual Issues $25.00  

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Proceedings Cumulative Index
The Cumulative Index is a hardbound compilation of the indexes that appear in each volume of the Proceedings of the NAIC, and can be used as a substitute for each individual index. This publication combines in one alphabetical arrangement personal names; names of NAIC committees, subcommittees, task forces and advisory committees; names of non-NAIC bodies; and titles, when appropriate, for reprints of publications, articles and speeches

PCI-ZB50 Index to Proceedings 1950-79 $110.00  
PCI-ZB70 Index to Proceedings 1970-79 $75.00  
PCI-ZB80 Index to Proceedings 1980-89 $150.00  
PCI-ZB90 Index to Proceedings 1990-94 $150.00  

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Proceedings of the NAIC
Designed as a premier research tool, the Proceedings of the NAIC is the official, permanent record of all NAIC action, including model laws and regulations, as well as committee and task force minutes and reports. Published following each national meeting.

PRC-ZR Proceedings (Electronic) $295.00  
PRC-ZS Proceedings $325.00* $360.00**

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The Synopsis is a brief, handy overview of the activity at each NAIC national meeting. It also includes summaries of interim meetings, task force updates, progress reports, issue debates and new business discussions. Published following each national meeting.

SYN-ZS Synopsis $150.00* $165.00**

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