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    NAIC meeting addresses insurance rate increases for seniors.

WASHINGTON, D.C. (June 11, 2013) -The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) today concluded an Interim Meeting on long-term care insurance regulatory developments. The work session, held in Reston, VA, was hosted by the Senior Issues Task Force of the Health Insurance and Managed Care Committee.

"State insurance regulators have been working to address the complicated pricing issues surrounding long-term care insurance as both life expectancy and long-term care costs go up," said Scott Kipper, Nevada Insurance Commissioner, who chaired the meeting. "State insurance departments, consumers and companies all seek to work together to find the best approaches to addressing complex issues surrounding long-term care rate increases."

The focus of the meeting was two-fold: 1) addressing rate increases on older policies sold several years ago and 2) looking at the regulatory framework to improve stability of rates for policies going forward. As they discussed these topics, the task force received feedback from consumer representatives, insurance companies and stakeholders.

"Medicare generally does not cover long-term care, and not everyone qualifies for Medicaid," said Adam Hamm, NAIC President-Elect and North Dakota Insurance Commissioner. "Many people have purchased long-term care insurance policies, so as regulators we must be sure that policyholders are treated fairly and that insurers are able to meet their obligations when claims come due."

The meeting, designed to advance solutions in the market, follows a public hearing held last November that identified issues for the task force to address. Audio files and meeting materials from both hearings are available on the NAIC website.  

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