About the CIPR

The mission for the CIPR is to serve federal and state lawmakers, federal and state regulatory agencies, international regulatory agencies, and insurance consumers, by enhancing intergovernmental cooperation and awareness, improving consumer protection and promoting legitimate marketplace competition.

In 2009, the NAIC established the Center for Insurance Policy and Research (CIPR) within its D.C. Executive Office to leverage the resources of several NAIC departments and academicians to support the collection of information and analysis for use by state and federal officials, agencies, and policymakers. The CIPR coordinates the collection and dissemination of insurance data, and research for the purpose of enhancing:

  1. Regulatory cooperation between federal, state and international agencies and functional regulators,
  2. Comprehension of insurance-related topics and issues by federal policy makers and others,
  3. Insurance information exchange between the states and the federal government and
  4. NAIC and state regulator participation in public policy discussions and decisions affecting insurance and the broader financial services sector.

The Government Relations Division in the NAIC Executive Office is the point of contact for the NAIC and the state departments of insurance on all federal legislative/regulatory and international issues. The office prepares and circulates the Federal Affairs Capitol Report to keep members briefed on key issue developments.

Government Relations works closely with key federal regulatory bodies to ensure coordination on regulatory matters and facilitate effective communication among federal and state regulators. Staff assists regulators in federal law implementation and brief federal regulators on state insurance regulation.