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Statistical Reports

Top 50 International Markets
These tables compare premium volumes for the 50 largest markets worldwide. Included is a breakout illustrating individual U.S. jurisdictions.

Insurance Industry Snapshots and Analysis Reports. The NAIC Financial Regulatory Services Department prepares "Insurance Industry Snapshots" and "Insurance Industry Analysis Reports" to assist consumers in better understanding developing trends in the insurance industry. The reports cover the P&C, Title, Life, Fraternal and Health Insurance Industry.

NAIC statistical reports are available through the NAIC Products & Services website. For information on report release dates and data years as well as direct links to each report, use the table below. Each report's listing contains sample reports, a table of contents, and detailed descriptions for the contents of each report as well as each reports companion products.

2016 Statistical Reports

For each report, use the direct links below for detailed descriptions, sample reports, table of contents and companion products available through the NAIC Products & Services website

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