The Market Actions Working Group meets in a regulator-only executive session pursuant to the NAIC open meetings policy as meetings include discussion of specific companies or entities.

There are no exposure drafts at this time.

Market Conduct Chief Examiners

Please find links to each state’s publicly posted Market Conduct Examinations and Market Conduct Actions for states that make them available. (Source: NAIC Consumer Information Source)

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Market Actions (D) Working Group


The Market Actions Working Group (MAWG) consists of a diverse and geographically balanced membership of the top Market Conduct Regulators in the country. Through review, analysis and a national submission process, insurance companies are identified that are exhibiting current or potential market regulatory issues of national impact. In addition, reviews may be undertaken for companies or issues that reach a certain mass of regulatory activity or interest. Membership then facilitates the efficient communication, collaboration, and coordination of the use of a broad continuum of regulatory responses among states to address the regulatory issue in the most expedient manner possible.

The Working Group provides regulator only forums where all jurisdictions are able to engage in a free exchange of market conduct information. These forums enhance state based regulation by reducing duplicative efforts and promoting efficiencies which ensure that market issues are adequately addressed whenever and wherever they occur. Membership also provides expertise and guidance to collaborative actions addressing issues that impact only a small number of states.

Collaborative Action Designees (CADs)

Each jurisdiction’s Commissioner appoints a Collaborative Action Designee (CAD) to be the liaison with the Market Actions Working Group, and to take responsibility for all communications related to collaborative actions. The CAD is responsible for communicating with other state CADs via, at a minimum, the Market Action Tracking System (MATS) and the Market Regulation and Market Analysis Electronic Forums (Bulletin Boards).

The CADs are also responsible for communicating with their own Department regarding collaborative actions and settlements affecting their state, to facilitate their state’s participation in those actions, and to provide recommendations to MAWG on those Actions, as authorized by their Commissioner.

To help ensure consistency, each state is generally limited to one CAD, and NAIC Staff is directed to provide information about specific collaborative actions only to CADs.

2018 Charges

The Market Actions (D) Working Group will: