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During its meeting on August 4, the Working Group agreed to expose the document below (including questions added by NAIC staff) for a 45-day public comment period. The document is a proposed approach related to scope of the group and non-insurance testing submitted by a group of trade  associations (AIA, NAMIC, PCI and RAA). Please submit comment letters to Julie Garber and Dan Daveline buy COB Friday, September 21.

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Group Capital Calculation (E) Working Group


2018 Charge

The Group Capital Calculation (E) Working Group will:

  1. Construct a U.S. group capital calculation using a risk-based capital (RBC) aggregation methodology; liaise as necessary with the ComFrame Development and Analysis (G) Working Group on international capital developments and consider group capital developments by the Federal Reserve Board, both of which may help inform the construction of a U.S. group capital calculation. Field Test a Beta version that does not consider stress tests by the 2018 Fall National Meeting.