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Technical Consulting (EX1) Working Group

Internal Administration (EX1) Subcommittee


The Technical Consulting Working Group (TCWG) functions as the technical consultant to the Information Systems (EX1) Task Force (ISTF) to evaluate the technical approaches proposed in fiscal impact statements (fiscal), without any attempt to determine business merit.

2018 Charges

The Technical Consulting (EX1) Working Group will:

Review, with technical recommendations for the Subcommittee: 1) Fiscal Impact Statements Appendix A, if the project involves a technology component exceeding $100,000 or 1,150 hours of technology staff development and is not limited to the support of the internal operations; and 2) project requests that involve technology being submitted to the Subcommittee or directly to the Executive (EX) Committee. Ensure such proposals meet the expectations for IT regulator review, including placing special emphasis on promoting overall efficiencies of cost and operation and promoting interoperability among different systems; providing technology reports and recommendations as appropriate during fiscal and project request approval processes; and, if approved, thereafter monitoring implementation and ongoing effectiveness.