Daily News: NAIC CEO Welcome

Consedine: Welcome from NAIC

Welcome to Philadelphia! I hope my remarks here won’t overlap too much with Jessica Altman’s welcome to Pennsylvania, but since this is where I call home (when I’m not traveling the globe, holed up in the trenches in D.C. or on one of my regular BBQ runs to Kansas City), I feel emboldened to play host at least a little bit. First, let’s get past the most pressing issue at this meeting: Pat’s or Geno’s? The answer is neither, those are for tourists. If you want an authentic (and tasty) Philly sandwich, you have to go to John’s Roast Pork. You may want to practice the Eagles fight song before you go.

When I arrived at the NAIC six months ago, I made a commitment to our members to support state insurance departments and drive efforts that improve and enhance our world-leading regulatory framework. Our system of regulation must keep pace with the technological developments of the companies we supervise while adapting to new challenges domestically and globally.

To position the NAIC to succeed in this dynamic environment we have begun a strategic planning process – the first of its kind in recent history. The overarching goal is to identify and address what steps we need to take as an organization to keep our members in front of political and market developments. In short, we are looking at ways to “State Ahead.” We are in the early stages of developing a plan – one that will be used internally and communicated to all of you. Once together we will have a set of measurable goals that will help guide how the NAIC can support and bring the most value to our members.

All of this planning and eventual execution goes hand in hand with maintaining the NAIC’s existing operations, as well as supporting the work of our standing committees, task forces and working groups. There’s been no slowing down. Combined, these efforts go a long way to secure the insurance sector more broadly as a pillar of financial security.

To keep on top of all the activity and hot topics, use twitter hashtag #NAICPhilly, or follow me on twitter @mikeconsedine. If there is anything the NAIC can do or questions we can help with, please don’t hesitate to ask. And remember when ordering those cheesesteaks it’s “wiz with” or “wiz without” – speak clearly and with confidence, avoid eye-contact and move quickly through the line – you’ll be fine. Welcome to Philly! Go Eagles!



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