Matthew Rosendale
Commissioner of Securities and Insurance
State Auditor
(Western Zone)

Office of the Commissioner of Securities & Insurance, State Auditor
840 Helena Avenue
Helena, Montana 59601
Phone: 406.444.2040 
Fax: 406.444.3497

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Matthew M. Rosendale was elected Commissioner of Securities and Insurance, Montana State Auditor in 2016. Rosendale puts the people of Montana first by serving as a watchdog and protecting Montana's securities and insurance consumers. He is committed to putting Montanans back in charge of their own health care by increasing choices, removing hurdles that increase premiums, improving access to health care, and removing government from between patients and their doctors. As a member of the State Land Board, Rosendale also is one of five Montana elected officials responsible for the management of more than 5 million acres of state trust lands.

Rosendale has called Montana home for a long time and established deep roots in the community. He and his family chose to live in Montana because Big Sky Country represents the values he and his family hold dear: God, liberty, and an individual's right to rule himself or herself without the pressing hand of an intrusive government. Those basic and fundamental beliefs pushed Rosendale to run for public office, and he served in the state legislature representing Northeastern Montana for six years prior to his election as auditor. During Rosendale's service in the legislature, he demonstrated a strong ability to work with elected officials from both parties to cut unnecessary spending and protect Montanans' constitutional rights.

Before running for public office, Rosendale worked in real estate, real estate development and land management, where he built his small family business into a full-service firm. With his extensive background in managing various types of land, Rosendale brings unique skills and experience to the State Land Board, which generates millions of dollars to fund the Treasure State's K–12 public education system through natural resource development and land management.

Rosendale and his wife, Jean, have been married for more than 30 years. They own and operate their ranch north of Glendive, where they raised their three sons. When Rosendale is not serving the people of Montana in Helena, you can find him fixing fences or hunting along the river bottom.