Securities Valuation Office (SVO) VISION


The VISION system is a valuation of securities online application critical to state insurance regulators, NAIC staff and insurance companies. It will replace the existing Integrated Securities Information System (ISIS), effective Tuesday 9/6/2016.

VISION is an automated platform that will enable the industry to file their security investments to NAIC staff who will analytically assess credit quality of these securities. The companies will retrieve the NAIC Designations and Unit Prices from the NAIC staff and incorporate them into their regulatory financial filings, so that regulators can review the insurer’s portfolio as a part of the financial examination process.


VISION Known Issues

This document provides potential workarounds and fix dates (where determined) for known issues related to the VISION v1.0 release. Please review it before contacting the support team in the event that the workaround provided will allow you to continue your task without intervention from the support team.

Please note that many of the issues below are data-related so not every user will see a problem—only those whose legacy data match the specific criteria to generate the error. With most of the data-related issues, it’s a relatively small number of filings impacted. In all other cases, the application will work as designed.

This document will be updated as fixes occur and additional issues are identified.


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For technical issues with VISION or AVS+ please contact