Welcome to NAIC/NIPR Account Manager

Maintenance Schedule

1) Maintenance is scheduled weekly on Tuesday / Wednesday @ 9:00 PM CST.

2) Major System Maintenance is scheduled on 1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month from Sat - 12:00 PM CST - Sun - 12:00 PM CST- Systems will be unavailable for usage.

AP&P Manual Customers

Access to updates adopted after March 2018 requires pre-purchase of the  March 2019 publication. Purchasers of the 2019 AP&P Manual may access updates to the As of March 2018 AP&P Manual through their NAIC Account Manager access.

RBC Product Customers - New Download Process

RBC Customers can now download their items via the Account Manager website. 
Click here to find out how - Download Instructions

Account Manager Information

The NAIC/NIPR Account manager is an application that allows management of accounts online. Customers can obtain invoices, pay invoices, review account payments, review statements, order products and much more.

Browser Assistance - For Accessing Account Manager
Access Assistance

Customer Service & Assistance Information

To obtain an account from the Respective business area - please follow the instructions below:

NAIC Customers
Contact the Help Desk at 816.783.8500 or help@naic.org to obtain access to your account.

NIPR Customers
Contact an NIPR Representative at 855-241-4697 or NIPR Billing to obtain access to your account.

Additional Account Manager Account Information

Once your Account Manager Account is setup:

  1. You will receive a secured email from peoplesoft@naic.org that contains your user id and password. The email will automatically delete after 24 hours of being opened. It will also automatically delete after 14 days if it hasn't been opened. How do I view the secured email?
  2. Login to Account Manager within 90 days to activate your account.
  3. NAIC Customers that have questions or problems concerning your user id or password, contact the NAIC Helpdesk at help@naic.org.
  4. NIPR Customers that have questions or problems concerning your user id or password, contact the NIPR Billing group at NIPR Billing.