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Media queries should be directed to the NAIC Communications Division at 816-783-8909 or

Jane Koenigsman
Sr. Manager, L/H Financial Analysis Phone: 816.783.8145

Andy Daleo
Sr. Manager, P/C & Title Financial Analysis
Phone: 816.783.8141

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Insurance Industry Snapshots and Analysis Reports

Last Updated 1/30/18

The NAIC Financial Regulatory Services Department prepares “Insurance Industry Snapshots” and “Insurance Industry Analysis Reports” to assist consumers in better understanding developing trends in the insurance industry. The reports cover the P&C, Title, Life, Fraternal and Health Insurance Industry. They are produced from insurer statutory filings and represent approximately 99% of all insurers expected to file the NAIC Financial Data Repository.

For more information, please contact Jane Koenigsman, Sr. Manager, L/H Financial Analysis or Andy Daleo, Sr. Manager, P/C & Title Financial Analysis.