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I cannot encourage my fellow regulators enough to get involved with the NAIC's Designation Program which promotes the exchange information and ideas through its courses. My learning experience with the program has helped me to understand the many facets of insurance regulation. I have gained invaluable knowledge in areas I would not normally be exposed to. I will definitely take another course soon. Every regulator should earn an NAIC designation as it will be of great benefit to you.

When working with my colleagues in other areas I am better prepared and understand their role in the big picture of insurance regulation. I encourage every regulator to look at the NAIC courses offered and take courses that are outside their comfort zone. Regulators will find an enjoyable experience learning something new!

Richard Tozer
Manager, Agent Licensing
Agent Regulation Division
Virginia Bureau of Insurance

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The NAIC Insurance Regulator Professional Designation Program

We would like to recognize the following recipients of NAIC Designations in 2018
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"The NAIC Designation Program has been a very effective educational resource and training tool for the Insurance Division staff at the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance. Staff at every title level have enrolled and benefitted from the Program, with several successfully attaining various designations. The Program provides less experienced staff with information and details that can assist in broadening their knowledge base. The Program also provides the more experienced and seasoned staff with an opportunity to expand their Insurance knowledge base and to delve into areas outside their normal operations.

"The New Jersey Department continues to encourage and promote participation in the NAIC Designation Program. As a designated Mentor for the Program, several benefits have resulted. My personal insurance knowledge was expanded, through mentoring staff members within our Department their individual searches for additional knowledge was achieved and the ultimate benefit for the Department is employees with a broader insurance knowledge base."

-Amal Mechaiel, SPIR
Supervising Insurance Examiner
New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance

Most states have an NAIC Designation Mentor that can assist staff with designation questions specific to their state (State Mentor List).

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The Program

Welcome to the NAIC's Professional Designation Program! Designed to provide state insurance regulators at all staff levels with an opportunity for professional growth through completion of specific educational requirements, the NAIC-sponsored professional designation will recognize your expertise in insurance regulation. Four levels of designations are available: Associate Professional in Insurance Regulation (APIR), Professional in Insurance Regulation (PIR), Senior Professional in Insurance Regulation (SPIR) and Investment Professional in Insurance Regulation (IPIR).

Download the Policies and Procedures to learn more.

Jon Godfread

“I’m excited about having the opportunity to chair the NAIC Designation Advisory Board and look forward to being part of a program as highly regarded as the NAIC’s Insurance Regulator Professional Designation Program. I believe that lifelong learning is critical to career success and this particular program certainly sets its graduates up for lifelong success. In addition, the program not only helps those who participate but also bolsters our commitment to state-based regulation by developing top-level talent to serve in insurance departments across the country.”

Commissioner Jon Godfread
North Dakota Insurance Department