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The below link will direct you to the Training Page for various online training tools including links to recent webinar offerings.

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Examination Sound Practices

The link below will direct you to the Examination Sound Practices Page for various documents and examples that may be useful to Financial Examiners while performing an examination.

Examination Sound Practices


The link below will direct you to a PDF with contact information to assist you in resolving TeamMate related issues.

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Peer Review Project

In 2019, 4 more sessions of the peer review are being planned as follows:

Exam Program – 1 session

  1. Session will be a general session held with state regulators only
    • Session will include 9 participating states and will last the typical 3 ½ days
  2. Date: May 14-17

Analysis Program – 2 sessions

  1. Both sessions to focus on legal entity, risk focused analysis
  2. Sessions will focus on sound practice development and identification of training/tool needs to assist in the implementation of the Risk-Focused Analysis process
  3. Sessions will include 8 - 12 participating states depending upon demand and resources and will last 2 ½ days
  4. Dates:
    • February 5-7
    • October 22-24

Tentative Combined Exam & Analysis ORSA Session – 1 session

  1. Session will cover both the Analysis and Exam review and use of information within an ORSA filing
  2. Session would include 6 participating states and will last 2 ½ days
  3. Each attending State would send an analyst and examiner
  4. Either the analysis or exam application can be submitted with supplemental information completed.
  5. Date:
    • August 27-29

The links below provide a detailed summary of the exam & analysis peer review sessions, draft agendas and application forms.

For additional information on any of the peer review sessions, please contact Miguel Romero (exam sessions) or Bree Wilson (analysis sessions).


The links below provide information to examiners regarding TeamMate/Citrix related issues.

Handbook Updates & Additional Resources

NAIC examination staff also update and maintain two additional websites with content that examiners may find useful.

Statenet Financial Exam Page

The link above provides access to additional information including:

Handbook Secure Site

For examiners that purchase a copy of the Financial Condition Examiners Handbook the link above will provide access to the Handbook Update related content as detailed above.