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The NAIC would like to thank the 1,908 attendees for joining us at the 2018 Spring National Meeting in Milwaukee and we hope you'll all make plans to join us in Boston in August.

CIPR Spring Event Focuses on Catastrophe Preparedness

More than 200 insurance regulators, consumer representatives and industry stakeholders discussed catastrophe preparedness and recovery at a forum coordinated by the Center for Insurance Policy and Research (CIPR). The discussions were held in conjunction with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners' (NAIC) Spring 2018 National Meeting.

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Those of you who know me beyond my role as NAIC President know I'm an avid basketball fan. While I have no problem cheering for teams from my current home in Tennessee, my heart remains with the schools in Kentucky. Hunter S. Thompson warned many times about betting with your heart over your head, with the one exception being the NCAA basketball tournament. So let's leave our hearts with basketball, and focus our heads this weekend – and throughout this year – on our own bracket of issues we are facing in insurance regulation.

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Operating a vehicle is the most dangerous and potentially deadly activity we do every day. While a necessary task, it takes focus, practice and skill to safely operate a vehicle moving 80 feet per second (55 mph). The many distractions drivers can face don't help. Researchers and state insurance regulators all point to distracted driving as the cause of more frequent, more costly and too often deadly accidents, resulting in higher insurance premiums. The NAIC is here to provide some safety guidelines to safely get you to your destination.

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Six new members have joined the ranks of the NAIC since the Fall 2017 National Meeting in Honolulu.

They hail from Arizona, Colorado, Guam, New Jersey, Oregon and Virginia.

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Nordman Honored During C Committee

Eric Nordman, NAIC Director of Regulatory Services, was honored for his service to the NAIC during the Property & Casualty (C) Insurance Committee meeting. Because it was to be Nordman's final national meeting, NAIC Vice President and South Carolina Insurance Director Ray Farmer spoke about Nordman's commitment to state-based insurance regulation. Nordman was surprised in the meeting by many longtime colleagues, as well as with a cake and a large card with well wishes. Nordman has been with the NAIC for nearly 27 years.