Securities Valuation Office (SVO)

The NAIC's Securities Valuation Office (SVO), one of the three groups within the Capital Markets & Investment Analysis Office, is responsible for the day-to-day credit quality assessment and valuation of securities owned by state regulated insurance companies. Insurance companies report ownership of securities to the Capital Markets and Investment Analysis Office when such securities are eligible for filing on Schedule D, DA or BA of the NAIC Financial Statement Blank.

The SVO conducts credit analysis on these securities for the purpose of assigning an NAIC designation and/or unit price. These designations and unit prices are produced solely for the benefit of NAIC members who may utilize them as part of the member's monitoring of the financial condition of its domiciliary insurers.

Unlike the ratings of nationally recognized statistical rating organizations, NAIC designations are not produced to aid the investment decision making process and therefore are not suitable for use by anyone other than NAIC members.

The SVO group primarily support the Valuation of  Securities Task Force, a subgroup of the Financial Condition (E) Committee, but also supports other Task Forces and  Working Groups that involve investments.


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