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Review the draft guidance of proposed best practices and make any revisions and/or add any new language not only to the proposed new sub-section F, but also within the existing sub-section E of Chapter 5 - Claims of the Receivers Handbook for Insurance Company Insolvencies. This is also an opportunity to make recommendations for the placement of the new proposed guidance within both sub-sections E and F.

Comments due to Bill Rivers by COB, Tuesday 11/28.

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Receivership Technology and Administration (E) Working Group


2017 Charges

  1. Promote receivership best practices through updates and development of guidance and receivership tools.

  2. Provide ongoing maintenance and enhancements to the Receivers' Handbook for Insurance Company Insolvencies.

  3. Develop improved guidance on communication with all relevant parties (e.g., best practices regarding communication with reinsurers).

  4. Monitor, maintain and enhance the Global Receivership Information Database (GRID).

  5. Perform additional work as directed by the Task Force to address or provide guidance on technical receivership issues.