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Market Conduct Annual Statement (MCAS): Online Submission Tool & MCAS Data Definitions

Learn about the NAIC’s Online Submission Tool and be informed about the Data Definitions for the Market Conduct Annual Statement (MCAS). Tutorials will provide detailed content regarding the data elements that you are required to file in MCAS. You will also be provided with approved definitions and insight into what you are expected to submit with your filing. The data elements tutorials will also address how the NAIC reviews and validates the filing data. Those filers who submit to multiple states on behalf of one company will be interested in the “Creating a CSV” tutorial as well as the hands on portion of this training. The Webinar includes a comprehensive walk-through of the MCAS filing process.

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Foundations of Insurance Regulation
April 6-20

Foundations of Insurance Regulation is a must-have professional development experience for insurance department staff just beginning their careers, as well as seasoned regulators desiring greater familiarity with a broad array of regulatory disciplines. This two-week online course is the perfect foundation on which to build a repertoire of regulatory skills and concepts taught in other NAIC courses.

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Regulation of Insurance Products
April 6-20

If you are new to rate and policy form regulation, you probably have a lot of questions. Fortunately, this convenient course has the answers! Rate and policy form examiners, market analysts, and legal staff will want to register for this two-week online course to learn to review insurance contracts and acquire the know-how needed to effectively use such regulatory efficiency tools as the review standards checklists, uniform product naming standards, and filing metrics.

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