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How to File Securities with the SVO
October 24-31

This one-week online course will help eliminate delays in filings that can result from inexperience with using the filing system and with using the available resources. By providing helpful hints and explaining the roles of each party, such delays can be minimized and efficiency increased. Learn why you need to file securities, what is to be filed, what is not to be filed, when you should file, and, most importantly, the necessary information to include with your submissions. Basic processes and procedures for using the new Vision tool will also be addressed.

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Producer Licensing: Integrating Policy with Process
October 31-November 7

This one-week online course takes you from the beginning of producer licensing through the integration of current policies and processes and up to initiatives that are on the horizon. It is an excellent learning opportunity for licensing analysts, consumer service analysts, market conduct examiners, fraud investigators and anyone interested in learning more about producer licensing and the important policies and technology shaping its future. This special session is not restricted to regulators.

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