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Statutory Accounting & Reporting Issues Archived Webinar Series
Available on demand until December 31

In case you missed it live, the 2017 Statutory Accounting & Reporting Issues Webinar Series is now available on demand! These webinars are designed for those who are involved in the preparation, analysis or examination of financial statements and have one to two years of experience with NAIC statutory accounting principles and financial reporting.

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Foundations of Insurance Regulation
January 8-23

This popular two-week online course is a must-have professional development experience for insurance department staff just beginning their careers, as well as seasoned regulators desiring greater familiarity with a broad array of regulatory disciplines. This is the perfect foundation on which to build a repertoire of regulatory skills and concepts taught in other NAIC courses.

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Market Conduct Examinations
January 8-30

This three-week online course will cover all aspects of the Market Conduct Examination. Regulators will learn how to use the Market Regulation Handbook when conducting an examination, determine logistical and administrative requirements for an efficient examination, and identify required elements of a Market Conduct Examination Report. The course will also cover how to successfully close a Market Conduct Examination and ensure a confident mindset through the examination process.

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Accreditation Updates
January 11

Plan to attend this annual webinar to learn the latest updates to the NAIC Accreditation Program, particularly in Parts A and B. This presentation is targeted to all financial regulators with a prior understanding of the accreditation program who are interested in maintaining their knowledge on an ongoing basis. This webinar will cover changes to the Laws and Regulations standards that may in turn affect your state’s legislation, as well as any significant changes to the financial analysis and financial examination guidance.

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