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Memorandum of NAIC's Actions taken at Fall 2014 National Meeting

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PLEASE NOTE: Any materials submitted to the NAIC for comment, explanation, or for any other purpose related to discussions at NAIC meetings may be reproduced under the NAIC’s copyright, without further notice to the author, for the limited purpose of preserving the historical record in the Proceedings of the NAIC. Please contact Michele Kiely at 816-783-8302 with any questions about reproduction of materials.

Committee Information
2015 Committee Structure | Exposure Drafts

2015 Committee List    

Committees, Task Forces & Working Groups

Internal Administration (EX1) Subcommittee
Corporate Governance Working Group (disbanded)
Emerging Actuarial Issues Working Group
Financial Analysis Working Group
Group Solvency Issues Working Group
Health Reform Solvency Impact Subgroup
Health Reform Exam Technical Group
Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Working Group
NAIC/AICPA Working Group
National Treatment and Coordination Working Group
Biographical Third-Party Review Subgroup
Company Licensing Transactions Subgroup
Own Risk and Solvency Assessment (ORSA) Subgroup (disbanded)
Private Equity Issues Working Group
Risk-Focused Surveillance Working Group
Separate Account Risk Working Group
Surplus Lines Financial Analysis Working Group
Accounting Practices and Procedures Task Force
Blanks Working Group
Investment Reporting Subgroup
Emerging Accounting Issues Working Group
Statutory Accounting Principles Working Group
Restricted Asset Subgroup
Capital Adequacy Task Force
Health Risk-Based Capital Working Group
Investment Risk-Based Capital Working Group
Life Risk-Based Capital Working Group
C-3 Phase II/AG 43 (E/A) Subgroup
Stress Testing (E) Subgroup
Operational Risk Subgroup
Property and Casualty Risk-Based Capital Working Group
Catastrophe Risk Subgroup
Examination Oversight Task Force
Analyst Team System Oversight Working Group
Electronic Workpaper Working Group
Financial Analysis Handbook Working Group
Financial Analysis Research and Development Working Group
Financial Examiners Coordination Working Group
Financial Examiners Handbook Technical Group
Financial Examination Report Subgroup
IT Examination Working Group
Receivership and Insolvency Task Force
Federal Home Loan Bank Legislation Subgroup (disbanded)
Receivership Financial Analysis Working Group
Receivership Model Law (E) Working Group
Receivership Reinsurance Recoverables Working Group (disbanded)
Receivership Separate Accounts Working Group (disbanded)
SEC Consideration (E) Subgroup (disbanded)
Receivership Technology and Administration Working Group
Title Insurance Guaranty Fund (C/E) Working Group
Reinsurance Task Force
Reinsurance Financial Analysis (E) Working Group
Qualified Jurisdiction Working Group
Risk Retention Group Task Force
Valuation of Securities Task Force
Invested Assets Working Group
Financial Regulation Standards and Accreditation (F) Committee
NAIC/Industry Liaison Committee
NAIC/State Government Liaison Committee
SERFF Advisory Board