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The mission of the Life Actuarial (A) Task Force is to identify, investigate and develop solutions to actuarial problems in the life insurance industry.

2014 Charges

Ongoing Support of NAIC Programs, Products or Services:

1. Address charges to the Life Actuarial (A) Task Force as provided in the Principle-Based Reserving (PBR) Implementation Plan adopted by the Principle-Based Reserving (PBR) Implementation (EX) Task Force. These charges include Valuation Manual and PBR work expected by the parent Life Insurance and Annuities (A) Committee. Report progress to the PBR Implementation (EX) Task Force and to the Life Insurance and Annuities (A) Committee.—Essential

2. Continue development of the experience reporting requirements within the Valuation Manual and provide input as appropriate for the process regarding the statistical agent, data collection and subsequent analysis and use of experience submitted.—Essential

3. Work on appropriate revisions to Standard Nonforfeiture Law for Life Insurance (#808) and the Valuation Manual to support continued tax qualification of life insurance policies under the Internal Revenue
Code. —Essential

4. Respond to requests / referrals from the Life Insurance and Annuities (A) Committee regarding reserves or other requirements including any relating to current or new product lines.—Essential

5. Monitor international developments regarding life and health insurance reserving. Compare and benchmark with PBR requirements.—Important

6. Work with the American Academy of Actuaries (AAA) and the Society of Actuaries (SOA) to develop new mortality tables for preneed, simplified issue and guaranteed issue forms of life insurance and minimum nonforfeiture requirements for life insurance. Provide periodic status
reports on this project. —Important

7. Review Actuarial Guideline XLIII (AG43), CARVM for Variable Annuities, and recommend changes as appropriate to the requirements. Work with any recommendations from the Joint C-3 Phase II/AG 43
(E/A) Subgroup.—Important

8. Review Actuarial Guideline XXXIII (AG33), Determining CARVM Reserves for Annuity Contracts with Elective Benefits and provide recommendations and changes as appropriate to address reserving
issues. —Important

9. Study the feasibility of a new nonforfeiture law for life insurance and annuities to replace the existing nonforfeiture standards. Provide periodic status reports on this project.—Important

10. Work with the SOA to continue development of reporting of channels of distribution information needed to better establish Generally Recognized Expense Table (GRET) factors.—Important

11. Provide recommendations and changes as appropriate to other reserve and nonforfeiture requirements to address issues and provide actuarial assistance and commentary to other NAIC committees relative to their
work on actuarial matters.—Important

12. Provide appropriate recommendations in response to the work of the Joint Qualified Actuary (A/B/C) Subgroup whose charges are:

  • Recommend a uniform definition of "qualified actuary" for life, health and P&C Appointed Actuaries signing prescribed Statements of Actuarial Opinion, identifying any differences that should remain between lines of business. Recommend a uniform definition of "qualified actuary" for
    other regulatory areas (e.g. rate filings, hearings). Consistency between uses is preferred, to the extent appropriate. —Important
  • In performance of actuarial work upon which the regulators might rely, recommend a definition of inappropriate or unprofessional actuarial work and recommend a process (which could be an existing process) for regulatory and/or professional organizations’ action(s). If needed, recommend a means of implementation through a model act, regulation or other means.—Important

13. Address approvals from the Life Insurance and Annuities (A) Committee regarding Task Force requests to work on model requirements including any approvals for modifications to the Actuarial Opinion and Memorandum Regulation (#822).—Important

14. Consider whether Model 808, or any provisions thereof, should be required for accreditation.—Important

15. Consider any revisions, as appropriate, for the Synthetic Guaranteed Investment Contracts Model Regulation (#695).—Important

16. Evaluate Actuarial Guideline XLIII (AG43) to determine whether the reserve guidance as it applies for variable annuity guarantees would be deficient when applied to contingent deferred annuities (CDAs). Recommend changes, as appropriate, to address any deficiencies and determine whether clarifying guidance would be useful due to different nomenclature than variable annuities with guarantees.

17. Consider revisions to the Standard Nonforfeiture Law for Individual Deferred Annuities (#805) to specifically exclude contingent deferred annuities (CDAs) from the scope of the model.

NAIC Support Staff: Reggie Mazyck/Eric King


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Life Actuarial (A) Task Force
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AAA Synthetic GIC Proposal

Please send comments to Reggie Mazyck by end of business on Tuesday, January 16, 2015.

VM-20 Spreads Cover Letter
VM-20 Spreads as of Sept. 30, 2014 Exhibit

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Compilation of IUL Comments
ACLI Small Company Exemption - revised 10/6
Comments due by October 15

Draft Actuarial Guideline IUL
Please send comments to Reggie Mazyck by COB October 28, 2014

2014 VBT Report and Accompanying Tables
Exposed through close of business 10/15/14

AAA AG33 Letter and Non-Elective Benefits Proposal-Exposed through close of business 9/16/14

ACLI Proposal for Nonmaterial Universal Life with Secondary Guarantees (ULSG)-Exposed through close of business 9/16/14

12/31/2013 VM-20 Current and Long-Term-Term Benchmark Spreads
Please send comments to Reggie Mazyck by COB May 27, 2014
Draft Guidance for AG 43
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Report on the Results of the Principle - Based Reserving State Resource Survey
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VM-20 Impact Study – Towers Watson

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Generally Recognized Expense Table ("GRET"):

The report of the Society of Actuaries (SOA) Committee on Life Insurance Company Expenses regarding the 2014 2015 GRET Factors was adopted by the NAIC Executive Committee/Plenary at the 2014 Fall National Meeting.

These factors will become the new GRET standard as of Jan. 1, 2015 to 2016.

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