Consumer Participation at NAIC

The NAIC works closely with state insurance regulators to assist them in their primary objective of protecting insurance consumers. Listed below are three ways consumers or consumer organizations can participate directly in NAIC national meetings and other deliberations. Individuals who are selected from the applications received will be notified in December.

*The NAIC defines a consumer organization as a national, state, or local organization that serves to protect the interests of consumers as they relate to the regulation of insurance. Their participation at NAIC meetings should represent a consumer perspective and should be based on their desire to collect and/or impart information of mutual concern and interest to insurance consumers and regulators. One measure of whether an organization represents a consumer perspective is its source of funding. By definition, an organization that receives significant funding from the insurance industry is not a consumer organization.

1.) Request a Waiver of the Registration Fee

Registration to a conference entitles one to participate in all NAIC open meetings during that conference.

Individuals from non-profit consumer organizations may request that the registration fee to attend an NAIC conference be waived.

Anyone wishing to apply for waiver of a registration fee should write a letter on their organization's letterhead and send it to the NAIC Meetings Department at least 1 month prior to the meeting.

2.) Apply to be a Funded Representative

Individuals from consumer organizations may apply to become a NAIC funded consumer representative by submitting the application below by 5:00 pm CT on Oct. 31.

Appointees are expected to attend all three NAIC national meetings and to fully participate in NAIC deliberations.

In return, the NAIC reimburses funded consumer representatives for airfare, lodging, and meal expenses associated with participation in and traveling to NAIC meetings in accordance with the NAIC Consumer Representative Expense Guidelines below.

Expense Reports & Guidelines

2016 Funded Consumer Letter [PDF]
2016 Funded Consumer Criteria [PDF]

2016 Application for First-Time Funded Consumer Representatives and Those Applying for the First Year of a Two-Year Term [PDF]* [Word]

2016 Application for Current Funded Consumer Representative Applying for Second Year of Two-Year Term
[PDF]* [Word]

3.) Apply to be an Unfunded Representative

A third way to participate in NAIC meetings is available to individuals from consumer organizations that do not want or need to request reimbursement for travel expenses in order to participate.

Such individuals may apply to become an unfunded consumer representative by submitting the application below by 5:00 pm CT on Oct. 31.

2016 Unfunded Consumer Letter [PDF]

2016 Unfunded Consumer Criteria [PDF]

2016 Unfunded Consumer Representative Application
[PDF]* [Word]


For the fillable PDF application form: Please note that Internet Explorer is the only browser that can be used to download, save and submit the fillable PDF form electronically. Depending on your operating system, a pop-up box may appear indicating that you could be opening up your system to an outside entity and you will need to okay it if you want to submit the application in this format. Please save the fillable PDF form to your pc first (this may take a little time). Then, you can start filling the PDF form, save it to your system/pc, take a break if you wish, and resume completion of the fillable PDF form at your convenience. The amount of text that can be entered in response to questions is limited by the formatting. You can put any additional information into an attachment; if you do, please label them by the question number in the application. It is possible that you could get a pop-up box that your signature has not been recognized because the form may have already captured it so it is okay to continue. Once the Submit button has been used, an email addressed to me will appear with your completed fillable PDF application attached. You may attach the other documents required to complete the application (budget, resume, the prior year’s application, etc.) to this email prior to sending it.