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Missouri Insurance Director John M. Huff delivered a keynote address at the IAIS Annual Conference in Amsterdam this week. Huff's address focused on the implications of financial stability and its impact on policyholders, industry and the economy as a whole.

Read Director Huff's Full Speech

Financial Pressure Rises for Sandwich Generation
Adam Hamm
NAIC President and North Dakota Insurance CommissionerAdam Hamm
NAIC President and North Dakota Insurance Commissioner
Millions in the so-called “Sandwich Generation” are finding their dreams about retirement less than appetizing. Middle-aged Americans are serving as primary caregivers for their aging parents, and are also shouldering more of their adult children’s financial responsibilities. The NAIC urges those who have adult children on one side and aging parents on the other to understand their options, including insurance needs, to save money and ease concerns.

“The emotional and financial strain of caring for an aging parent is challenging enough. But as more consumers also provide support for an adult child, their own financial security may be at risk,” said Adam Hamm, NAIC President and North Dakota Insurance Commissioner.

Full Story | Insure U Get Ready Resources: Turning 50
Members of the NAIC gather at the Brookings Institution following the forum
Front: VA Insurance Commissioner Jacqueline K. Cunningham; WA Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler; NAIC President-Elect and MT Commissioner of Securities and Insurance Monica J. Lindeen; NAIC CEO Senator Ben Nelson; NAIC Secretary-Treasurer and KY Insurance Commissioner Sharon P. Clark; and NAIC Vice President and PA Insurance Commissioner Michael F. Consedine
Back: NV Insurance Commissioner Scott Kipper and NJ Insurance Commissioner Kenneth Kobylowski
Global Insurance Regulatory Developments and the Impacts on U.S. Consumers and Insurers

(Top Right) NAIC Vice President and Pennsylvania Insurance Commissioner Michael F. Consedine speaks during a panel entitled “Global Capital Standards: Implications for the U.S.”
(Top Left) NAIC CEO Senator Ben Nelson participates in a panel during the Initiative on Business and Public Policy at the Brookings Institution. The forum focuses on lessons about insurance from the financial crisis and how regulatory reforms are changing the industry and its supervision. Experts from academia, regulatory bodies, industry, and consumer groups are sharing their views.

Commissioner Consedine's Remarks | Senator Nelson's Remarks

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