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NAIC Responds to Treasury/EU Deal

State insurance regulators and attorneys from the NAIC are reviewing the agreement between the U.S. federal government and the European Union (EU). The review will seek to ensure consumers remain protected and U.S. companies are not competitively disadvantaged relative to foreign insurers.

NAIC's Hamm Addresses Cybersecurity in Asia

NAIC Offers Assistance to Congress

Members of the NAIC offered their expertise to Congress this week as they deliberate changes to the Affordable Care Act, the financial services regulatory landscape and related insurance issues as they emerge at the federal level.

Read the letters to House and Senate leadership.

NAIC's Hamm Addresses Cybersecurity in Asia

NAIC's Hamm Addresses Cybersecurity in Asia

North Dakota Insurance Commissioner Adam Hamm addressed cybersecurity issues at Thailand's Insurance Symposium this week. The international conference, "Insurance in the Digital Age and Modern Insurance Related Issues" focused on challenges facing insurance regulators around the world in the context of evolving technology.

States Combine Resources to Reach Anthem Settlement

Members of the NAIC have joined a settlement with Anthem, Inc. reaching the required threshold of participating jurisdictions. Eighteen states reached an agreement with Anthem in response to a data breach revealed in February 2015.


NAIC Fall 2016 National Meeting

Use the resources below to stay informed on the latest from Miami.

NAIC Elects 2017 Officers

President: Wisconsin Insurance Commissioner Ted Nickel

President-Elect: Tennessee Insurance Commissioner Julie Mix McPeak

Vice President: Maine Insurance Superintendent Eric A. Cioppa

Secretary-Treasurer: Texas Insurance Commissioner David Mattax

NAIC Adopts Home-Sharing White Paper

The NAIC adopted a white paper on insurance coverage issues in the sharing economy for home rentals.

The new white paper, Insurance Implications of Home-Sharing: Regulator Insights and Consumer Awareness, outlines insurance considerations regarding home-sharing rentals.


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