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The NAIC's Research & Actuarial Department is committed to providing insurance regulators, consumers, academics, industry and government entities and other interested persons with insurance statistical, actuarial, financial and market conduct information for both economic analysis and regulatory monitoring of the insurance marketplace. Additionally, Department members assist the Center for Insurance Policy & Research (CIPR) with its mission to serve federal and state lawmakers, federal and state regulatory agencies, international regulatory agencies, and insurance consumers, by enhancing intergovernmental cooperation and awareness, improving consumer protection and promoting legitimate marketplace competition.

Top 25 Market Share for Property/Casualty
& Life/Fraternal

The NAIC's Research & Actuarial Department is providing 2015 Market Share premium data for the top 25 insurers of select property/casualty and life/fraternal lines of business as the data is received. This report includes countrywide direct written premium for the top 25 groups and companies as reported on the State Page of the annual statement for insurers that report to the NAIC. This report helps to provide an indicator of the degree of market concentration in a line of business as well as identifying leading insurance writers. The Top 25 Market Share reports will be refreshed daily through March 4 and on each subsequent Monday in March.

The Top 25 Property/Casualty Market Share uses data from the property/casualty annual statement. Market share data for this report is shown for the following lines of business:

  • Personal Auto;
  • Commercial Auto;
  • Workers’ Compensation;
  • Medical Professional Liability;
  • Homeowners; and
  • Liability.

The Top 25 Life/Fraternal Market Share uses combined data from the life/health annual statement and the fraternal annual statement so that the life insurance market can be viewed in its entirety. Market share data for this report is shown for the following lines of business:

  • Life insurance;
  • Annuity Considerations; and
  • Cumulative Total for Life insurance, Annuity Considerations, Deposit-type Contracts, Other Considerations, and Accident and Health Insurance.

For more in-depth market share information, please refer to the complete 2015 Market Share Reports for Property/Casualty and the 2015 Market Share Reports for Life/Fraternal, which will be available in the summer of 2016. The top 125 groups and companies countrywide are shown in each line of business and the top 10 groups and companies are shown by state for property/casualty lines and the top 125 groups and companies are shown by state for life/fraternal lines

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Aaron Brandenburg, CPCU
Economist & Statistical Information Manager
Ann Farr
Insurance Specialist
Anne Obersteadt
Senior Researcher, CIPR
David Keleher, ARM, CPCU, CIC, AIM
Sr. Property & Casualty Insurance Specialist
Dimitris Karapiperis
Research Analyst, CIPR
Eric King, FSA, MAAA
Health Actuary
Eric Nordman, CPCU, CIE
Director, Regulatory Services & CIPR
Jennifer Gardner, CPCU
Manager I
Kris DeFrain, FCAS, MAAA, CPCU
Director, Research & Actuarial Department
Libby Quinn
Data Analyst I
Reggie Mazyck
Life Actuary
Sara Robben
Statistical Advisor
Shanique (Nikki) Hall
CIPR Manager
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